Partnership Programs


The BEE FREE Woman Institute

Our Institutes address our desire to support underserved communities and organizations with supporting the unique needs of women of color. We created BEE FREE Woman Institutes to break class barriers for ALL women by offering free access to high-quality personal and professional development that can change the trajectory of their lives. We tailor each Institute to the needs of each community so that each woman can go from the “block to the boardroom” seamlessly and confidently. Funding for these institutes generally come from grants or company sponsorship. We thank Google & EnvolveGlobal for sponsoring our first Institute pilot, Sisters in the Movement: Sister Squad Coaching Community for Generation Titan women of color social entrepreneurs!

Contact us if you are interested in funding this opportunity for your organization or community.

Leading in Today’s World as a Woman, Sponsored by We are Quilt; Photo: Hannah Marie Mills

Leading in Today’s World as a Woman, Sponsored by We are Quilt; Photo: Hannah Marie Mills

Speaking Engagements

We value our partnerships as an opportunity to expand awareness on the experiences of women of color and to create a more just world free of sexism and racism. Dr. Fisher often serves as an expert panelists, keynote speaker, and facilitator for organizations interested in building bridges to support equity for all women. Check out Dr. Fisher’s pop-up talk, “Leading in Today’s World as a Woman” hosted by Quilt during Women’s History Month.

Annice is a force. Her deep knowledge of leadership, gender, race, social structures, paired with her desire to support and educate, makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her. She effortlessly creates a safe space to have otherwise awkward conversations and is able to facilitate a wide range of personalities. I’m grateful to learn from Annice and continue partnering with BEE FREE Woman.