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Our Mission

reclaim your inner power

Every woman of color has everything she needs inside of her.

We coach women of color to reclaim their inner power as the source for shattering the glass ceilings that threaten their progression. Part of that reclamation includes continually replacing fear and doubt mindsets (and their sabotaging effects) with self-trust and love. With our support, healed women of color shatter ceilings: racism, sexism, self-limiting beliefs, insecurities—that block them from unapologetically owning and using their gifts across diverse contexts.  

 Women of color leave our Sister Squad coaching groups and1:1 coaching with the personal and career development tools to stay free, walk in their full power, and use their gifts for building a legacy.


We are a community for women of color to unapologetically own our identity, brilliance, and experience and to empower other women to do the same.
— Dr. Annice E. Fisher, Founder


Our Why

the dilemmas you face

As WOC, we know our lives are beautifully complex. We are a divine combination of courage, resiliency, and sacrificial love. We are the backbone of our families, communities, and workplaces spending so much time supporting others—often at the expense of our own development. This imbalance impacts our mind, body, and spiritual health.

The BEE FREE Woman formula interrupts that cycle. We offer a new approach and spiritual foundation of prioritizing our love for humanity with self-healing. When we heal and free self, our ability to deliver effective social impact strategies to our communities improves, rippling out a powerful healing effect.


Dr. Annice masterfully cuts through the noise of your life and experiences to reveal true transformational value. Annice really sees you, meets you where you are at, and encourages you to “get on the balcony” of your life. Her brand of coaching is uniquely positioned for the thirty-something over achiever, for results you cannot imagine.

— Tina T.


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