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The BEE FREE Woman is a movement to unite and empower women of color to reclaim her inner power, break barriers and build a legacy!  We are dedicated to sharing the language, tools, and strategies for every Woman of Color to freely live the life she has been called to on this earth. Regardless of financial status, we want to remain accessible to ALL women. Enjoy our FREE tools!

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One of our mottos with The BEE FREE Woman is that we create the space for Women of Color to unapologetically own our identity, brilliance, and expertise and empower other women to do the same. This video explains why we created that motto.

Dr. Annice has a standard of excellence that is contagious. Working with her was both transformative for me as a young leader but also personally. Our work together pushed my professional practice but ultimately helped me grow as an individual. I became more confident in my choices. I credit her with helping me to develop and trust my voice on a team where collaboration was challenging.
— Muronji I.